The main source of air pollution is chemicals and biological materials. Both chemicals and Biological materials will cause diseases in human beings. Besides affecting human beings it also affects the atmosphere. The atmosphere is composed of Natural gases like oxygen, carbon-di-oxide, nitrogen etc… which is very essential for both human beings and plants to live. So it is obvious that when this dangerous gases mix with the atmosphere it will indirectly affect both human beings and plants.

Causes of air pollution:

Toxic gases
Motor vehicles
Industries etc


Use No-CFC Refrigerators.
Do not use Hair sprays and 
Avoid using plastics


Water pollution is high in stagnated waters. The running water is generally not polluted. 

Examples for Stagnated Water are:
Well etc…

Examples for Running Water are:
Sea etc…

According to a recent survey the majority of the diseases are spreading through water. The Death count is also increasing day by day due to this water pollution. Some of the Natural phenomenons like Volcanoes, Tsunami also causes Water pollution. The Industrial wastes are the second major cause for this water pollution.

Causes of Water pollution:

Earth Quakes
Industrial Wastes
Mixing of contaminated wastes in water


The following are some of the prevention methods that can be used to prevent water pollution:

Biological Testing
Sampling of water
Chemical Testing
Physical testing
Sewage treatment and 
Industrial Waste treatment 

Smile is nothing but an expression which is forming not only in the mouth but also in the eyes. Many types of expressions a human being can express ; among these expressions smile is the best one. Smile is a form of expressing happiness. Gelotology is a science which deals with study of smile. According to a research if a person smiles atleast 15-20minutes a day He can be away from lots of diseases; especially diseases like blood pressure. so keep smiling and make others happy.

Adolf Hitler was born in Australia. He ruled Germany for more than 13years. He ruled between 1933 and 1945. Within three years of his ruling he occupied most of the parts of Europe. After that they also occupied some regions in Asia and Africa. Hitler Married Eva Braun in 1945 and within 24 hours both of them committed suicide. Adolf Hitler has 5 siblings and he is the fourth son. His fathers name is Alois Hitler. Hitler received Iron cross for his bravery in 1914. He became a German citizen in 1932 and he was very much admired by the Nation and he became a patriot.

Do you know how to choose a good web hosting company?? Here are some tips to choose a good web hosting company

1) Select a web hosting company which allows you to change the name servers as many times as you want
2) Choose a web hosting company which allows us to add atleast three domains
3) The applications should be accessed to atleast 3 registered domains
4) Check the customer feedback.
5) Check the response from the customer care.
These are the important things which you should not before buying a domain or before hosting

The Earth's crust is in the inner part of the world. If there is sudden release of heavy energy then it leads to earth quake. Seisomometer is a tool used to measure this earthquake. It is measured in richter. If this richter is more than 7 it will cause more damage. If its is 3 it will cause a minor damage. If this same earth quake occurs in the seabed then it leads to Tsunami. If it's intensity is higher then it will also cause serious damages. 

BBC is the world’s biggest broadcaster and its foul form is British broadcasting company. It is located in United Kingdom and it has more than 30,000 employees. In 1922 they launched BBC Radio and in 1932 they launched BBC television. Michael Lyons is the chairman and Mark Thompson is the director general of BBC Corporation. It is broadcasting BBC Radio in more than 33 languages. In 1927 John Reith became the General Manager and he owned the BBC Corporation privately. Now it is one of the biggest telecasting corporations in the world 

Nokia N81 is a mind blowing handset released from nokia in 2007. It has inbuilt 2MP camera. It also supports video call. Video call is a call which can be made to our friends or anybody else where we can chat with the people by seeing their faces. This is the next generation cell phone where it is having push to talk and multimedia messaging facilities. It does not support infrared but it has inbuilt radio and music player which in turn also having blue tooth and wifi.

Human Rights are what make us human. They are a person’s basic right to life,liberty and happiness,without fear of vengeance.
Poverty,rights of women and children and military involvement are only some of the issues that human rights involve!
Ever since Saddam Hussein took over,Iraq had become home to all manner of crimes…Some of them are mentioned below
* Bloody wars leading to death of Iraqi civilians and inhabitants of neighbouring countries.
* Elimination and disappearance of around 3,00,000 people
* Destruction of 4500 towns and villages.
* Inhumane and degrading treatment… (decrees legalising the amputation of various parts of the body)
* Rape of women
* Beheading of women
* Summary executions ( 2000 prisoners in March 1998 in just one day in the Abu Grahib prison,as part of the ‘prison cleaning’ operation)
These are only a few,Saddam Hussein was said to torture women in order to control their husbands…Women were raped in the open in front of their families…They were denied equal education and the basic legal protections to which all humans are entitled…
Beheadings used to be carried out by Uday (Saddam’s eldest son) and “Fidayi (FID-AY-EEN) Saddam” - Saddam’s personal militia,they used to take place in front of the victim’s neighbours and family….Saddam required that the woman’s head be displayed publicly outside the victim’s home for several days..
Saddam made Iraq living Hell during his regime…With his execution the dark clouds of terror have lifted from the face of Iraq…A new Iraq with new hope for a better world and people ready to fight oppression has arisen….!

It is software used to remove unwanted items. It is also used to remove redundant items. It can be used in Microsoft windows like XP, Vista etc... If we are installing or uninstalling software it will be stored in the windows registry with date and time. It will take some space for this log. If we want to delete the log details we have to use Registry cleaner to remove the details from windows registry. It is available in both professional and free edition.

This is an article that was supposed to be sent to a newspaper to be published….(so did the person featuring in the article think,while he was being interviewed….   little did he suspect that it could be his students playing a prank on him…!)
I had never met Mr.Ravi ever before,and my friends- his students,roped me in to play a prank on him…! I posed as a journalist from THE HINDU a news daily..and fixed an appointment with him to interview him and a few of his students for the TAKE TWO section of the paper!! He took the bait…and there i was in a few days,interviewing him…I was actually surprised that i convinced him as a journalist!
To cut a long story short…This is the article i finally wrote (This happened close to four years ago…)! It goes like this..
The very thought of a teacher brings to mind, an elderly citizen,wearing glasses and sporting a paunch. But,one look at this teacher and you’ll know about your misconceptions. Mr. Ravi Shankar is how he is known…
It is very difficult to find a teacher,who knows,at least on a rough scale,the grasping power and capacity of every student. A teacher who understands his students needs,and handles students by looking from their perspective..In spite of all this he says “I’m still learning”
“Examinations nowadays are considered a mere ticket into the world,and education has become examination oriented,the student mugs up facts and procedures from the examination point of view and the joy of learning is killed”, said Mr.Ravi.
His students describe him as friendly,understanding,inspiring, and most of all, a wonderful teacher…When asked about it, he says “Mr.Ananthan” has been his source of inspiration and role model.
Arti and Shruti,two of his students are all praise about him. ” He is the only teacher who would call up your home and clear your doubts” they chime in…What lacks in most classrooms is the teacher’s enthusiasm,but Mr.Ravi’s students don’t have anything to complain about- “He is one among us” they say!
When asked about the present student-teacher relationship,he said it is in serious need of improvement. A teacher should know what his/her students expect from him/her,and that will work wonders!
In a nutshell,Mr.Ravi Shankar (Ravi sir) is a very enigmatic person,totally understanding,a wonderful teacher,and….A Great Bakra (Bonk!!! Sorry Ravi Sir  )
I must say he was a great sport to let me attend his classes after all this   truly a one of a kind teacher

Nokia N91 Belongs to N series and it has builtin 2Megapixels of camera and in the old version it has 4GB inbuilt memory and in the new version it is upgraded to 8GB built in memory. It can store more than 2600 songs approximately. The opeating system in Nokia N91 is symbian series 60. The new version of N91 8gb and avail wifi facility. The new version has builtin 3megapixels of camera and it is also symbian series 60.

Broadband is used in five different categories. They are 
  • In data communications- It includes various frequencies (or) it handles various frequencies
  • In telecommunication- In telecommunication it refers to Broad Band Internet
  • In DSL- DSL is Digital Subscribe line. It manages the Digital signal
  • In Ethernet- It is used in controlling signals.
  • In video – In video it is used in cable television

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