The main source of air pollution is chemicals and biological materials. Both chemicals and Biological materials will cause diseases in human beings. Besides affecting human beings it also affects the atmosphere. The atmosphere is composed of Natural gases like oxygen, carbon-di-oxide, nitrogen etc… which is very essential for both human beings and plants to live. So it is obvious that when this dangerous gases mix with the atmosphere it will indirectly affect both human beings and plants.

Causes of air pollution:

Toxic gases
Motor vehicles
Industries etc


Use No-CFC Refrigerators.
Do not use Hair sprays and 
Avoid using plastics


Water pollution is high in stagnated waters. The running water is generally not polluted. 

Examples for Stagnated Water are:
Well etc…

Examples for Running Water are:
Sea etc…

According to a recent survey the majority of the diseases are spreading through water. The Death count is also increasing day by day due to this water pollution. Some of the Natural phenomenons like Volcanoes, Tsunami also causes Water pollution. The Industrial wastes are the second major cause for this water pollution.

Causes of Water pollution:

Earth Quakes
Industrial Wastes
Mixing of contaminated wastes in water


The following are some of the prevention methods that can be used to prevent water pollution:

Biological Testing
Sampling of water
Chemical Testing
Physical testing
Sewage treatment and 
Industrial Waste treatment 

Smile is nothing but an expression which is forming not only in the mouth but also in the eyes. Many types of expressions a human being can express ; among these expressions smile is the best one. Smile is a form of expressing happiness. Gelotology is a science which deals with study of smile. According to a research if a person smiles atleast 15-20minutes a day He can be away from lots of diseases; especially diseases like blood pressure. so keep smiling and make others happy.

Adolf Hitler was born in Australia. He ruled Germany for more than 13years. He ruled between 1933 and 1945. Within three years of his ruling he occupied most of the parts of Europe. After that they also occupied some regions in Asia and Africa. Hitler Married Eva Braun in 1945 and within 24 hours both of them committed suicide. Adolf Hitler has 5 siblings and he is the fourth son. His fathers name is Alois Hitler. Hitler received Iron cross for his bravery in 1914. He became a German citizen in 1932 and he was very much admired by the Nation and he became a patriot.

Do you know how to choose a good web hosting company?? Here are some tips to choose a good web hosting company

1) Select a web hosting company which allows you to change the name servers as many times as you want
2) Choose a web hosting company which allows us to add atleast three domains
3) The applications should be accessed to atleast 3 registered domains
4) Check the customer feedback.
5) Check the response from the customer care.
These are the important things which you should not before buying a domain or before hosting

The Earth's crust is in the inner part of the world. If there is sudden release of heavy energy then it leads to earth quake. Seisomometer is a tool used to measure this earthquake. It is measured in richter. If this richter is more than 7 it will cause more damage. If its is 3 it will cause a minor damage. If this same earth quake occurs in the seabed then it leads to Tsunami. If it's intensity is higher then it will also cause serious damages. 

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