The Cancer  Institute situated in Adyar is among the nation’s best cancer therapy centers. One wouldn’t be surprised to see patients from anywhere between Kashmir and Kanyakumari. Patients come in even from Ceylon and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Armed with adequate equipment,skilled doctors and qualified nurses,this institute is ready to take on any challenge.
Another noble aspect of the institute is that it provides free treatment to patients below the poverty line. On a visit to the divine institution, I observed and learnt a great deal..The thing that just couldn't miss my eyes was - the crowd! There were patients from almost all states,waiting for their turn. The other unmistakable fact was the trust the patients placed in their doctors,this is self evident from the fact that there were patients from more than three states..All these patients placed their entire faith in these doctors who leave no stone unturned to ensure a better life for their patients.
There were even some patients waiting for their post-operative checkup and it was good to see them on their path to recovery.Another aspect that did not escape me was that,the doctors here gave all the assurance,courage and strength the patients needed,before and even after stepping into treatment.The nurses though on their feet most of the time,got satisfaction from their job.The unending devotion of the doctors and the sincerity of the nurses has helped THE CANCER INSTITUTE achieve all that it has today. The institute also has some of the latest technology,and any patient who comes in for treatment is assured to be in the safest of hands.

For centuries,people spoke of cancer only in whispers,or not at all, as if the disease were not dreadful but shameful and contagious as well! Today the picture is changing rapidly- and no doubt the Cancer Institute has played a huge part in it…..


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